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The Dona Bopp Band was formed in 2012 by founding members Dona Bopp and Lanier Mote. It was their "Louvin Brothers" style harmony that brought them together and convinced them to start a band. Dona plays rhythm guitar and sings lead vocals, while Lanier accompanies on mandolin, guitar and sings harmony. In 2014, Jean Moon joined the band as the driving rhythm on the upright bass. The newest member, Pat Harrell, was added to the group in 2015, bringing his talent on guitar, harmonica and harmony. Although all the members are bluegrass enthusiasts, their music is also influenced by classic country and music from the rock and roll era.

  The Dona Bopp Band  

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Dona Bopp

Dona has been performing since the age of four when she used to insist that her babysitters sit there and listen to her sing. As an adult, she realized she could actually get paid for doing it. Now how great is THAT to get paid for something you love to do!

Through the years, her singing has embraced many styles of music, including oldies from the 30's through the 90's to country and bluegrass.

She began singing professionally in the early 90's and performed at local establishments, private events and public functions. One of her most memorable performances was performing at a Naval Reunion, singing a variety of songs from the thirties and forties and relating them to the history of the USS Clark. It is a memory she will cherish as she personally got to meet the surviving members who served on that ship. Since she had served in the armed forces herself, it had special meaning.

In 1994-96, she was selected to showcase her singing at the Annual International Country Music Workshop in Nashville, TN and showcased at the Opryland Hotel for Shedd Music Publishers in 1997. In 1998, Dona gave up music due to a family illness. After a 10 year absence from singing, she started writing and playing guitar again. Dona realized that music was part of who she is and needed it back in her life. So after the release of her album, "Be That Someone" in 2011, she formed The Dona Bopp Band. In 2014, she entered a songwriting contest and won an award for "Best Bluegrass Songs" by the Northwest Alabama Music Publishing Company. Dona was inducted into the Atlanta Country Music Hall of Fame in 2016. In 2017, she was awarded  Female Vocalist of the Year by The Atlanta Society of Entertainers. Dona continues her love of music and performing as lead vocalist and rhythm guitar player in The Dona Bopp Band.
Lanier Mote
Lanier is a lifelong resident of Covington, Georgia, has played country, bluegrass and gospel music around Covington and the state of Georgia for over 30 years. Before joining The Dona Bopp Band in 2012, Lanier played with a number of local bands, including the local favorite, Ramblin' Creek, an all bluegrass gospel band. A love of bluegrass and country music has kept him rooted in that tradition. As a member of the band, he plays guitar, mandolin, sings harmony vocals and sometimes lead vocals. His talents and love of music have opened many doors and opportunities for the band.
Jean Moon
Jean is a native Georgian from the Loganville area and has been playing bass for 12 years. She has played in several bluegrass bands in the North Georgia area over the years including Full Moon, Forever Blue, Redeye Gravy and The Silverbirds. Jean became a member of The Dona Bopp Band in 2014. She also sings vocals and harmony.
Pat Harrell
Pat is from  Athens, Georgia. He has played blues harp and guitar for many years and has won several awards with his vocal and harmony talents. Pat is our newest member and joined The Dona Bopp Band in 2015.
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